High Quality Growth at Sensible Prices

Rajiv Jain and Matthew Benkendorf answer key questions on the current market condition and how it relates to our investment approach.

Market and Strategy Update - 3Q 2015

Rajiv Jain discusses portfolio performance and positioning, as well as recent economic and market events.

U.S. Equity Update - 3Q 2015

Matthew Benkendorf discusses the U.S. Equity strategy and shares his views on recent market activity and economic events.

International Equity Investing

Rajiv Jain fields questions from Joe Terranova, Virtus’ chief market strategist, on an array of international investing topics.

The Power of Qualitative Analysis

As seen in Benefits Canada: Rajiv Jain shares his thoughts on what makes a good manager.

In Praise of Long-Term Thinking

Our research team addresses the value of future payoffs versus instant rewards.

High Quality: A Growth Story

As seen in Pensions & Investments: Portfolio Manager Matthew Benkendorf describes how sticking to a prescribed investment style has proven successful.

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