Mutual Funds

Vontobel Asset Management acts as a sub-adviser to SEC-registered mutual funds distributed by Virtus Investment Partners, Ltd. In addition, VAMUS sub-advises several funds for the Vontobel Group. These latter funds are not available to US investors.

Virtus Funds: SEC Registered


Vontobel Funds: Luxembourg Registered

Vontobel Fund SICAV, Luxembourg is an investment fund under Luxembourg law. Each of the below listed sub-funds of the Fund SICAV is authorized for public distribution solely in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Italy.

  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - Global Equity Fund
  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - Emerging Markets Equity
  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - European
  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - Far East Equity
  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - Global Equity (ex US) Fund
  • Vontobel Fund SICAV - US Equity

For complete information, including charges, risks and expenses, click here for a prospectus of the funds mentioned above. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

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