Culture & History

We have fostered a boutique culture of entrepreneurial independence combined with Swiss precision. Find out below how our rich culture and history has shaped us into the firm we are today.

We know our strengths and we are consistent with our approach. Our clients can depend on us to remain disciplined in our bottom-up approach to all of our strategies, regardless of market conditions. Clients can also expect us to remain steadfast in our relationships – ensuring an alignment of interests. In fact, we value a good client fit over simply increasing our assets under management.

A strong commitment to our investment philosophy goes beyond our investment team and encompasses all employees – at every level and function of the organization. This shared sense of purpose is what allows us to perform well as a team. Our passion for our investment approach is authentic and we believe it is felt in every client interaction.

We are constantly alert to changes in the market and regulatory environment, and never rely on our past success to carry us forward.

Milestones for Vontobel and Vontobel Quality Growth Boutique™

We are pleased to highlight our many achievements below.
History of Vontobel Asset Management Global.