Vontobel's management team, together with the Board of Directors, develops the company's business strategy.

Heinrich Schlegel

Chairman of the Board of Directors
“In 1988, I spearheaded the creation of Vontobel Asset Management’s distinct investment management culture in New York. The key to our growth over the years has been a clear focus on knowing our strengths and being consistent with our approach. But, without fail, acting in the best interest of our clients on the back of strong investment results has driven our past success.”

Dr. Philipp Hensler

Chief Executive Officer
“We provide true clarity on our investment process so our clients will have an accurate idea of what to expect from us in the future. If selected, our goal is to enhance the assets of our clients and help them achieve their investment objectives.”

Matthew Benkendorf

Chief Investment Officer
“People often ask what ‘high quality’ means to me. Beyond the usual financial metrics, we dig deeper to understand intimately the fundamentals of a company – what makes its business model sustainable and gives it enduring market power. So, our universe of high quality is what we believe is a well-defined group of companies, and, as a result, we fish in a much smaller pond than many other managers.”

Thomas Wittwer

Head of Marketing and Sales
"We believe that building a premier asset management firm requires the diligence to follow a process that aligns sound investment philosophy, strong investment skill and effective communication. Our commitment to this belief and our focus on putting clients first has allowed us to grow, while preserving our most important competitive advantage – long-term outperformance."

Charles Falck

Chief Operating Officer
"We seek to provide an infrastructure that matches the sophistication and excellence of our investment products and enables our clients to enjoy what we expect to be strong results. In doing so, we work with our clients, custodians, brokers and other vendors to source the right services and products while adequately balancing risks and rewards.”

Marc Cozzolino

General Counsel
“With a keen understanding of the legal and regulatory environment in which the firm operates, we provide our clients with the reassurance that their assets are invested according to their objectives. Moreover, our dedication to our clients and to our investment philosophy is infused into the very fabric of the firm and is exemplified by every employee.”

Joseph Mastoloni

Chief Compliance Officer
“By working closely with each client to identify appropriate investment guidelines, we make every effort to provide full transparency throughout the client relationship.”