Our Philosophy

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When a client entrusts us with their assets, we fully understand the magnitude of that responsibility. As an asset manager, our role is to help investors achieve their long-term objectives of growing capital without undue risk.

Our patient, growth-oriented investment approach is applied consistently across our global and regional strategies. It focuses on investing in high quality companies that perform well during economic expansions, are resilient in difficult economic environments, and can compound our clients’ capital at a higher rate than the market over time.

We believe that the earnings growth of an underlying business will ultimately be reflected in its stock price. Since genuine high quality businesses are scarce, our research team focuses on identifying those names which tend to sustain superior earnings growth longer and tend to be underappreciated by the markets. We believe that we can take advantage of this long-tail growth effect and add value for our clients by carefully constructing a portfolio of these types of businesses.

This belief system drives our bottom-up approach. Without the constraint of a benchmark, we start with a universe of investable names that meet our quality criteria. After rigorous research, we then consider the quality companies that trade at attractive valuations for inclusion into our portfolios. This is a select group of companies, and, as a result, our portfolios are quite concentrated. By adhering to this investment approach, we seek to protect our clients’ assets in declining markets, while growing their assets in rising markets, thus driving superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

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