Our Process

Our Approach: Rigorous. Disciplined. Time-tested.

We consistently apply the same disciplined approach across all strategies, regardless of the market.

~50,000 Stocks

1. Screen & Idea Generation

Does the business pass our high hurdle rates?

We look for profitable and stable companies.

Investment Universe of Several Hundred Stocks

2. Analyze Past Results

Do we understand the business and the quality of its earnings?

We look for companies that have generated the predictable and sustainable earnings growth.

3. Analyze Future Opportunities

Can the business replicate and exceed its past success?

We look for high quality characteristics that will enable a company to maintain a high return on equity and moderate leverage.

4. Determine a Sensible Price

Is the company trading at a sensible price?

We look to buy and hold shares that are selling below our appraisal of their fundamental business value.

High Conviction

5. Build Portfolio & Manage Risk

Are we selecting the best names and weighing them appropriately?

We build concentrated portfolios using a common sense approach to risk diversification.

Watch the video below to learn more about our 5-step investment process.


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