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Clients As Partners

A mutual alignment of interests is the foundation of a successful long-term relationship. Our portfolio managers and many of our employees have investments in our strategies, demonstrating our shared goals. And, at the onset of a relationship, we proactively communicate our client service approach to ensure that we are fully aligned with our investors' expectations. As a fiduciary, we put our investors' interests above our own, making every effort to be a partner who understands our clients' needs and objective.

We Focus On What We Do Best

Our investment team concentrates on what matters most: research and portfolio management. To protect our research-driven culture, our investment team focuses on what they do best, while our client service teams ensure all of our investors' needs are met.

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Diverse Client Base

We provide investment solutions for a variety of institutional clients and intermediary channels worldwide. We are also committed to providing the consultant community with our market views, research and portfolio data so they are best equipped to serve their clients.

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