Who We Serve

Committed to Excellence in Portfolio Management and Client Service

Our institutional clients include global corporations, public and private pension plans, and endowments and foundations. We also manage funds that are distributed worldwide through intermediary channels. In addition, we build and maintain relationships in the institutional consultant community. Above all, we are committed to providing disciplined portfolio management and dedicated, timely client service.

Meeting the Objectives of Institutions Worldwide

We offer a variety of vehicles, including institutional mutual funds, commingled funds, and separate accounts appropriate for institutional investors in the U.S. and globally. We recognize that different types of institutions and different countries require varying levels of client service. Through customized reporting, we seek to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

A Valuable Resource for Consultants

We believe consultants play a critical role in the manager selection and asset allocation process, and we proactively focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with the global consultant community. We value all consultants – both large and small – and seek to facilitate their ability to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

As experts in global equity investing, we consistently share our market views, analysis and innovative research with consultants. We also encourage consultants to visit our headquarters in New York City to gain a thorough understanding of our research and portfolio process, as well as our business operations.

Access Our Strategies Through Financial Intermediaries

Although we are an institutionally driven firm, we offer individual investors access to our global, emerging market and international equity strategies through intermediary distribution channels. As a sub-adviser we assist these firms by providing attribution commentaries, white papers, market views and portfolio updates.

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